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The Company:

JL ENTERTAINMENT LLC, is a small business located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. In 2007 the company was founded by Delano Hayles during his senior year of high school. Mr. Hayles was the Master Editor of Northwestern High School Video Yearbook 2007-2008 which credited JL Entertainment. Since then the company has flourished and has become a household name. 


JL Photography is a subdivision of JL Entertainment LLC. We provide an array of services ranging from your special day to your corporate events. From baby showers to rainy day photos. We pride ourselves on being artistic and bold. Capturing the right light provides an essence to our photo's that can bring out the best in you. Whatever your vision is, we can help bring it to life. Exceeding your expectations while capturing your moments in the moment is what makes JL Photography the people's photographer.


JL Entertainment also provides DJaying services. No music genre is out of range. Our tech's can provide a variety of music to suite your musical taste buds. Let us know what you like and any song can be played at your request. 

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